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Gulf Leaders Share “Citrus” Information

GCGA leaders, Wayne Simmons and Ron Mahan recently discussed with John Boland, executive director of the Lee County Office of Economic Development, the challenges that the region’s citrus growers are confronting in dealing with HLB and other diseases.  The discussion took place in Simmons’ grove in LaBelle, as part of GCGA’s outreach efforts with key county and state officials.
Boland, who recently was selected to lead Lee County’s efforts to enhance the business climate of the county as well as the region, was very interested in learning about the “Gulf” citrus industry.  And, he expressed his willingness to assist the industry in its efforts to “educate” urban-oriented county leaders about the needs of agriculture here in Southwest Florida.

Prior to touring Simmons’ grove, Mahan and Hamel provided an overview of the “Gulf’s” citrus industry, highlighting its history and current challenges.